Resisting an Officer by Force or Violence May Include Pointing an Unloaded Firearm at an Officer (69(a)
A new ruling defines the scope of resisting arrest by force or violence under 69(a) P.C. A defendant's threat with an unloaded handgun led to conviction, showcasing legal interpretations and officer restraint.
The legality of inventory searches of an arrestee’s personal belongings without a booking
Learn about the contentious legality of inventory searches when an arrestee is released without booking. Dive into the pivotal case of United States v. Sapalasan (9th Cir. Apr. 1, 2024) and its implications on police procedures and individual rights.
When is the Use of Deadly Force Lawful? And Does “Legal” Equate to Right? 
In our continuing discussion of the use of deadly force, qualified immunity and civil liability of municipalities, we examine a recent appeals court ruling in a Los Angeles shooting in which an officer fired multiple volleys of shots as an armed…
Court Rules on Detentions vs. Consensual Encounters Amid Implicit Bias Concerns
Recent appeals court ruling highlights the criteria officers need to consider when approaching someone in what may become a detention instead of a consensual chat. Rule of thumb: in the totality of the circumstances, would a reasonable person…
More on Prolonged Detentions and Miranda Questions Over Statements Made to an Undercover Officer
Questions asked during a lawful traffic stop in the normal time it takes to issue a citation do not unlawfully prolong the traffic stop, while placing an undercover officer in a suspect’s jail cell to record the suspect’s incriminating statements is…