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March 12, 2023
SPECIAL UPDATE (Part II) The Fourth Amendment / Search and Seizure Annual Update (FULL UPDATE)

A Pro Subscribers Exclusive: Your Essential Guide to the Fourth Amendment and Search and Seizure.

This annual compendium of Fourth Amendment and search and seizure issues, compiled by retired Deputy District Attorney Robert Phillips, includes concise but detailed discussion of the most important guidelines you need on these issues. Whether you are an officer, investigator, attorney preparing for a motion, or a judge deciding a Fourth Amendment issue, you will find this resource invaluable. According to retired Honorable Superior Court Commissioner Stephany Joy, this was among the “most referenced resource” used by her colleague judges on the Sonoma County Superior Court criminal bench. 

A resource second-to-none in California, this 23rd annual update comprises 20 searchable chapters covering the Fourth Amendment A through Z. And it’s all accessible on your cell phone, laptop, or desk top computer.

Included for our Pro subscribers, discussions of:

  • The Constitutional basis for searches and seizures
  • Due Process
  • Double Jeopardy
  • Fruit of the Poisonous Tree
  • Expectation of Privacy
  • Victim’s Rights
  • Civil Liability and Qualified Immunity
  • Standards of Proof
  • The Trial Court and Prosecutor’s Immunity
  • Consensual Encounters, Detentions and Arrests
  • Use of Force
  • Warrantless Searches and Seizures

And much, much more

Mr. Phillips also will be updating his Miranda and the Law – The Fifth Amendment later this year. The 2022 Edition is currently posted on the Legal Update website. With 10 chapters, it’s a virtual bible on the Miranda Rule and associated constitutional considerations.

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A special note from our publisher: For those who know Robert Phillips, his dedication to our subscribers is unmatched.  He has devoted much of his time during retirement researching new case decisions and changes in the law.  For example, the latest update is more than 2,000 pages plus 105 pages of the detailed table of contents.  In addition to spending nearly a year of research on this project, he spends months editing and formatting the lengthy document. All of this is offered at no additional cost to our Professional Subscribers. We thank our Professional Subscribers for your support in making our website possible.  If you are not already a Professional Subscriber, we ask that you consider upgrading to Pro by logging in and clicking here.  Our 50% off promotion is still available if you sign up now.  Your membership supports our ability to bring you these important resources, including the research and publication of this critical material. If you are feeling extra tipsy and would like to offer Mr. Phillips a direct donation, please click here to offer a token of your appreciation.  Thank you for your consideration.  Stay safe!

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