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March 12, 2023
SPECIAL UPDATE (Part I) The Fourth Amendment / Search and Seizure Annual Update (Table of Contents Only)


A Pro Subscribers Exclusive: Your Essential Guide to the Fourth Amendment and Search and Seizure.

This annual compendium of Fourth Amendment and search and seizure issues, compiled by retired Deputy District Attorney Robert Phillips, includes concise but detailed discussion of the most important guidelines you need on these issues. Whether you are an officer, investigator, attorney preparing for a motion, or a judge deciding a Fourth Amendment issue, you will find this resource invaluable. According to retired Superior Court Commissioner Stephany Joy, this was among the “most referenced resource” used by her colleague judges on the Sonoma County criminal bench. 

Important note: Due to its size you must download the Full Update and Table of Contents separately.  To download the TABLE OF CONTENTS (105 page PDF) please scroll up to the green highlighted box and click on the download button.   This will only be visible to our Professional Members who are logged in to our site.  If you have not yet downloaded the Full Update, please follow the same steps after clicking here to download the Full Update (2000+ page PDF).